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Business activities in District Jhang have picked up considerably in the recent past. Businesses have expereinced an increase in return and Businessmen have found some good investing opportunities. Jhang is advantageous in for various type of businesses. Land is cheap, skilled labour is cheap and opportunities are wide open.
Here you may find milk plants and sugar mills, textile mills etc. Shakarganj Mills Ltd, Ramzan Sugar Mill, Lalian Sugar Mill.
Chiniot is at present the Sub-divisional Headquarters of Chiniot Tehsil of Jhang District in Faisalabad Division of the Punjab. Specimens of wood-carving include decorated doors, carved and foliated tracery for balconies and window frames. Inlay of brass is also wrought in Shisham wood of dark hue which provides an excellent base for the contrast of brass. All varieties of furniture of fine quality and requisite design are undertaken at Chiniot. Carpentry like masonry is an hereditary profession there. It has evolved into a fine art which is second to none in the world.


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